Mt. Bandai opens on May 26th.

Sunday, May, 12, 2024

May 26th (Sunday) is the opening day of Mt. Bandai.

This is the start of the climbing season. Various events will be held on the day.

The Inawashiro trailhead is right next to the hotel.

■7:30am - Commemorative pennants distributed at each trailhead

■Climb entrances are Okijima trailhead, Inawashiro trailhead, Urabandai trailhead, Happodai trailhead

■10:00 - Aozora Post Office opens in Kobo Shimizu

Free distribution of commemorative postcards on a first-come, first-served basis (in front of Kobo Shimizu Hut)

■10:00am - Call for messages on protection of the natural environment (in front of Kobo Shimizu Hut)

In 2011, this mountain represents Fukushima and was the first in Tohoku to be registered as a Japanese Geopark.

You can enjoy different scenery on each of the six mountain climbing courses.

Commemorative pennants and postcards will be distributed at the opening of the mountain.

In front of our hotel, it is also one of the entrances to the climb from Inawashiro Ski Resort.

*For inquiries regarding mountain opening, please contact the following associations directly.

Also, please note that we will not be responsible for transportation to each trailhead.

Click here to contact us.

[Inawashiro Tourism Association] HP0242-62-2048

[Bandai Town Tourism Association] HP0242-74-1221 Bandai Town Hall

[Urabandai Tourism Association] HP0241-32-2349