• Marvel at the beautiful Inawashiro Lake with its sea of clouds
  • Seasons changing the colors of Mt. Bandai's landscape
  • A special space where time flows quietly
  • Welcome to a mountain resort
  • Encounter untouched nature with a short walk
  • Embrace moments of extraordinary experiences
  • Roadside Station Inawashiro Strawberry Farm
  • Up to 5,000 yen off "Inawashiro Accommodation Discount!"
  • Active

  • Inawashiro Ski Resort
    Inawashiro Ski Resort
    A ski resort with a lift area about 50 meters from the hotel. The wide slopes and open courses are its charming features.
  • Lake Inawashiro Canoe Experience
    Lake Inawashiro Canoe Experience
    Experience canoeing on Lake Inawashiro, boasting the world's 5th highest transparency. It's a popular and safe program suitable for families.
  • Inawashiro Denpojin Association
    Inawashiro Denpojin Association
    Experts in Inawashiro tourism, knowledgeable about town landmarks, historic sites, nature, traditional crafts, and local performing arts. The group, including outdoor guides, will guide you through various journeys.
  • Tourist Spots

  • Mount Bandai
    Mount Bandai
    One of the symbols of Fukushima Prefecture, designated as one of Japan's 100 Famous Mountains. It is an active volcano towering to the north of the lake and is also certified as a Japan Geopark.
  • Inawashiro Local Beer Brewery
    Inawashiro Local Beer Brewery
    The rich flavor is produced using the beautiful underground water springing from Mount Bandai. You can enjoy four types of beer that win international beer awards every year.
  • Blueberry Garden
    Blueberry Garden
    Inawashiro is loved by many as a summer resort. From July to August, you can experience picking and eating blueberries at your leisure.
  • Festivals & Seasons

  • Golden Line
    Golden Line
    The Golden Line offers a drive with breathtaking views, including the expansive Inawashiro Lake and panoramic mountain views from places like Yamakodai in Urabandai.
  • Aizu Festival
    Aizu Festival
    A historical pageant featuring samurai and daimyo processions with a total of 500 participants parading through the city. Held for three days in late September in Aizuwakamatsu, attracting many tourists.
  • Goshiki-numa
    A mysterious swamp where the colors change to green, red, and blue due to plants and algae. From various-sized swamps, you can enjoy a clear view of the rugged Mt. Bandai.